Lecture/Demonstrations on the music, dance and costuming of the Middle East, North Africa and Iran will include the following:

  • A display of primitive musical instruments and a demonstration of ancient rhythms with audience participation on vocals and percussion.
  • Participants modeling traditional costumes from the Middle East and North Africa accompanied by an explanation of how and why these garments are worn, including the practice of purdah, the veiling of women.
  • A demonstration of various folk and tribal dance forms, many of which have been kept alive for generations, accompanied by a discussion of their social, historical and religious significance. Time and space permitting, the class can be taught a simple line dance, such as a Lebanese Debke, or improvisational movements from a folkloric dance.
Mish Mish
Mish Mish

Workshops will focus on teaching specific dances from Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon and the Persian Gulf states. The presentation also includes information about the costuming and history of the dance.

Educational Programs will be taugh by Mish Mish, a well-known teacher and performer in the Pacific Northwest and the director of Karavans Dance Troupe, who has traveled to Iran, Egypt, Morocco and Central Asia as well as studied with the most famous exponents of Middle Eastern dance in the U.S. Mish Mish has been hired to present her educational format at libraries, in the public school system and for the following organizations:

  • Folklife Festival
  • Arab Festival
  • Cultural Crossroads
  • International Children’s Festival
  • Seattle Art Museum Egyptian Exhibit
  • Seattle Children’s Museum
  • B’Nai B’Rith
  • Seattle Children’s Theatre